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      a:hi! how are you today?

      b:i m fine! thank you. how are you?

      a:fine thank you!right! i think we should give the student more work to do so they can remember what they did obviously they can get a better Results!

      b:but i think you are wrong! becuase every one dont like to do lots works you have to catch the main point and let the student remember it so they can do any questions in that type!

      a:i think you are right! thank you ! you give me a better idea!

      b:no problem! you ca come and find me at any time. i'm mor than welcome!


      a:hi! would you like to go to cinema with me? don't you think it cool watching film in the cinema than at home?

      b:no i dont think so! if you go to cinema right you have to spend money to watch a film. i know it looks good but you still can found it in the internet. the film might be quicker on the internet than the cinema so why you have to spend that money on this boring thing? dont you think so?

      a: but still it give you different feel if you are at the cinema!

      b:Well,you can turn the light off when you watch a film at home and buy some popcorn,cola with it! same!

      a:ok then! i'll see at home! see you later!

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