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      Good morning everyone. Welcome to my presentation. My name is …My major is mechanical engineering. The research direction of my team is the robot, so I’ll talk something about applications of the teleoperator robot in our life with two examples. The main contents of my speech are the medical robot and the cooking robot.

      First of all, we should know what teleoperator robot is. Teleoperator

      robots are mainly used for various operations of non-industrial production, for example, the medical robot, the cooking robot and the cleaning robot. Let’s first see the medical robot. The main characteristics of the medical robot is remote control. The remote control lets people stride across the space-time barrier. It means that the doctor and the patient can be in different places, as is shown in the pictures. The patient is in Strasbourg while the surgeon is in New York. The display screen

      provides surgery scene to the surgeon. By operating the main operation terminal and inputting commands, doctors can control the robot to have surgery.

      Robots can also serve our daily life. Most of us may already know that the robot cooks in the university cafeteria of Beijing Jiaotong University. We all think that it’s very interesting. These pictures show us the process of the robot cooking. First, the chef puts raw materials into the robot, then choses the dish to cook in the display screen. Next, the robot starts to

      cook. In the cooking process, the chef follows the robot’s voice prompts to add spices. Just three minutes later, the robot pours the cooked dish into the prepared basin. The robot cooking not only takes less time but also uses less gas. It can save fifty percent of gas.

      As the above examples allude, teleoperator robots provide service for mankind and make our life more convenient. Meanwhile they save us a lot of time and sources of energy. I believe in the future teleoperator robots will be more widely used and provide better service to our life. That’s all. Thank you.


      Thank you, prof. …. My name is ….. I’m from ….. I am very pleased to be here to join this forum. The topic of my presentation is properties of rapid construction materials for soil pavement of field airfield. As is shown in the picture, the main parts of my research are about soil pavement.

      My presentation will include these four parts:

      First, some background information about this research; second, the main work we have done; third, some conclusions we have got and the last: innovation and presentation of our published papers.

      Why I choose this item? I think it can be illustrated from the following four parts. First, the existing quantity of airfields is still not sufficient and the airfields have many shortcomings especially in war time. Second, the complementary facilities, such as highway runways are far less than airfields, however, have more weakness. Third, a certain amount of field airfield is quite necessary considering some emergencies such as rescue and disaster relief. Forth, the field airfield can fill the void of airfield and they can be combined to be airfield network.

      The meaning and aim of this research contains three parts. Fast, convenient and validity, fast means the field airfield must be constructed

      as fast as possible, convenient means the construction should need the minimum equipment, labor and materials considering the actual construction condition, validity means the constructed airfield is able to support the operation of given aircraft in specifically time.

      Just like many other territories, the situation of the research is that the U.S. Army takes advanced line. The U.S. Army declares that they can reach to anywhere on the earth in 96 hours, the most important method for force projection is though aircraft, thus rapid construction of pavement is the key problem for rapid force transportation.

      The main work we have done can be summarized as four parts, materials choosing, scheme making, mechanical properties research and water-stable properties research.

      We choose two kinds of soils, which are got from Xi’an, Shanxi province and Jiuquan, Gansu province separately. The sand from Ba River was considerate to investigate the influence of sand to the properties of stabilized soil. The chosen three kinds of powders are cement, lime and new-type stabilizer developed by Chang’an University. The principles in considering the function of 4 kings of fibers are referring different length, type and mixing them.

      On account of the time, I will make a brief description about the experiment scheme. In summary, three parts were proposed to distinguish the affecting factors in making experiment scheme. They are powder control, fiber control and other factors. Taking powder control for example, the dosage of cement is respectively 6%, 8% and 10% when the soil is stabilized only by cement, while the dosage of cement decrease to 3%, 5% and 7% when the lime is addicted to stabilized soil. The following two factors are stabilizer and sand.

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